[Updated 9/20/2023]Please do not release Sim Update 13! Updated. 9/20/23

As I read through the various threads and seeing lots of reactions indicating the performance of the simulator got consistently worse, I hope the team will keep this update in the oven a little longer.

I think the main focus must be performance optimization.

Ofcourse, the release is scheduled for over a week or three and there could be alot of work done in this time. But please don’t release it in its current state. (

Thank you beta testers and asobo for all the hard work. I am convinced you can make this work.

Cheers to all of you.

Update: 9-6-2023
Beta build
Reports are telling us performance got improved.
Awesome work!!

Update: 9-12-2023
Beta build

Update: 9-15-2023
SimUpdate 13 release date postponed due 28th September.

Update: 9-20-2023
Beta build released.

:warning:Please withdraw your votes if you are happy with the performance and see this released at the given date.

I’m guessing from your closing statement that you’re not in the beta? If that’s the case, your thoughts are based on hearsay and speculation… I haven’t had any issues, but I have seen improvements (that white dot has gone, for starters!) and many others feel the same way.

I look forward to the release as scheduled so that others can benefit from the tweaks that have been made.


Knowing Asobo’s behavior history I doubt it very much. Some bugs will be fixed “in a next update” that you don’t know if it will be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or never and you will have to live with them.

Just look at the amount of bugs that have been reported since 2020 and never fixed.

Or silly bugs like no light on AI traffic on the ground. This bug was reported in October 2022 in the S11 beta and will be 1 year anniversary soon.


It’s easy to fixate on the negative. I would like to say “Just look at the amount of bugs they fixed over the last three years.” Unfortunately noone really keeps score about those :wink: However we could take the list with open bugs and compare it to the change logs of the last 12 SUs. I guess we’d see a significantly longer list from the change logs :wink:

All in all Asobo have fixed and improved a ton of stuff and also brought a lot of free content to the sim others playing DCS, P3D or XPlane would have to spend hundreds of dollars for.

That said I absolutely agree that there’s quite some stuff that should have been fixed years ago and even some stuff that even has been broken by previous updates. I guess there are also technical reasons why some bugs haven’t been fixed yet.

Nevertheless - overall - I see the whole development as positive: especially considering that most computer games costing the same kind of money have a half-life of a year max, before they get literally dumped by their developers - no matter if it was fixed or not.

On the current issue - i.e. SU13 - I cannot comment since I didn’t take part this time.


I’ve been in beta 13 three times and all three times I’ve gone back to version 12.

The main reason is the stuttering…while better in the latest 13 release, I find it still there.

I definitely hope it is solved before it is released.


i notice a real improvement with texturing even for the farest one .

nevertheless , the sim is still a little too much blurry at my taste

Xbox x
PG off
live traffic off

lvfr static aircraft + airports addons at every place i fly


Interesting. Texturing is better in SU13 beta than current public release on Xbox Series X?


have always been on betas since beginning.

i notice an improvement in the visual rendering compared to the previous one, improvement at high altitude and at far distance


None of the above comments address the elephants (plural) in the room: excessive loading times (in the range of nearly 30 minutes for some of us to get into the sim itself, plus another 10 minutes to load up a flight), followed by unexplained CTDs when clicking the Fly Now button. Heck, some people have crashes before even clicking the button.

These issues have existed since the first SU13 beta and despite several builds since then, have not been corrected or even addressed other than general statements that “the developers read all posts.”

This is not an encouraging situation.


Yes this is a huge concern. It would be crazy to release an update which broke the ability to even start the game for so many users. I really hope they don’t.

I’d like to see the white dot fix for sure, but there’s nothing they can add to the release notes that makes up for not being able to load the game in a usable amount of time. Let alone it then crashing.

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I doubt that Asobo is sitting on their hands and doing nothing about the long load times, but it probably does not lend itself to a “quick fix”. They have to gather data on which Marketplace add-ons are triggering the problem, and then run the sim in the development environment (with the suspected Markeplace content in place) with a debugger attached. That is the only way to determine exactly why the issue is happening.

Other than World Updates, the only Marketplace item I own is the ATR. I have no problem with long load times, stutters or CTDs.

Not all Marketplace content triggers the long load times. I assume Asobo now has a good idea of which Marketplace items do consistently cause the problem. Hopefully they all have something in common with the way they load into the sim.

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I wonder how many users can not start their sim anymore, with CTDs at the start, since about two or three weeks? I’m one of them and to be honest, I’d prefer them to defer the release in order to get this fixed. From my point of view, I can confirm that all updates (system, graphic card etc.) have been applied, attempts made to start the sim as admin and to remove the community folder and many more attempts. The quality of not being able to use a - apart from this - great program really annoys. Should users with this issue get the recommendation to reinstall it altogether the outcry will be huge, I’d guess. So, please Asobo, get this fixed.

Kind regards.


That’s great for you but decidedly no really relevant to the entire topic of this thread - there are clearly issues related to SU13 that are affecting many. Saying, effectively, “I don’t have this problem,” adds nothing helpful to the discussion.

Microsoft has built what is quite literally a money machine into the guts of the sim via the Marketplace and lots of people have taken advantage for many different reasons (convenience, ease of access, a single point of contact for updates in lieu of going to 5-6 different vendor’s websites or apps for individual downloads, whatever …).

For SU13 to have so badly broken the entire sim experience for customers who have taken advantage of the Marketplace is a very bad situation and one that absolutely has got to be solved prior to release in some way that doesn’t devolve to, “Delete all your Marketplace content. Sorry, but thanks for the cash.”


Did you not read my entire post? The fact that I mentioned the problem does not affect me, was in no way was intended to imply that the problem does not exist, or that fixing it before SU13 is officially released is of paramount importance. You are reading something something into my statement that I never implied.

I only mentioned it, because I only have one Marketplace item (the ATR) and that product is evidently not one which triggers the problem (extremely long load times, CTD etc.)

For those who are affected, it definitely appears to be related to particular Marketplace content - the challenge Asobo faces is determining which specific Marketplace items trigger the problem - and why.

I absolutely agree that it would be completely irresponsible for Asobo to release SU13 until the issue is identified and corrected, as this is a much more serious bug than the “white dot” problem.


I really hope they release this update because like many it will fix a lot but maybe not all issues.In my opinion every update since the very first did just that. Anyone who remembers back enough will realise that…


C’mon. This is user error. I have a mediocre I-5 9th gen system and run on medium settings and the sim loads up in under 2.5 minutes. If it’s taking you longer than 5 minutes for it to load then it’s on you. Either you have a system lower than mine or you trying to run on settings higher than your system can handle.


I do too…but not in its current state. I definitely like turning on or off the white dot.

Although for me, using a PC, I never needed the white dot anyway.

But, the stutters, long loading times, etc. really should be fixed before releasing. I do believe they will fix before the release, but I do want to add my voice to waiting until these issues are fixed.

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I remember back to the SU9 release on xbox which left the sim unusable for many of us. They had to rush out a patch a couple of weeks later. Let’s not repeat history.


I try to remind people of this. Remember terrain spikes and pits to the center of the earth?

takes me 5 minutes to boot the sim because it’s trying to load 300gb of data. I’ve heard/seen it take longer because people have more data than I do (airports, liveries, tools etc).

EDIT I just ran the sim for the first time today off a a previous alt-f4 exit and it took me exactly 5 minutes. As mentioned in a below post, it’s a busted marketplace item (or several). I don’t have those installed ergo no issues for me.