Updated A320?

Hi all, is there an updated A320neo by FlyWire??
At the moment I have the 3.1 version. I just wanted to see if there’s a new one that I wasn’t aware of. Thank you.

No not yet!
Watch the forum, it will definitely be published

No. Version 0.3.1 was published to respond to malfunctions caused by MSFS version 1.9. They might want to match their release cycle to the regular sim patches.

The whole project is still more than exciting.

You always can download the up to date master file, which reflects the current state of developement (later then 0.3.1). They’ve done alot since then. But keep in mind that this is a developement version. There could be issues.

check sthis out…

Today i have crash to desktop with A320 from external view. Mid flight, 1 hour gone to hell. Thank You Asobo.

did you have Multiplayer and AI on or off ?

I’m sure it was the VFR map.

Odd. Flew out from LAS-PDX last night with no issues.
Multiplayer: on
AI: off

didn’t open the VFR map once.