Updated AN32NX is available again direct from the flybywire website

Just in case anyone didn’t know you can download the updated A32NX from the Flybywire website. I’ve tested it and it works fine. Had a quick check and could not see it in the Marketplace yet though I may have missed it.

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I am having some issues with the autopilot, it stops following the NAV points after a while + it turns off by itself randomly… :frowning:


How long before A32NX updates get reflected in the marketplace? I use the marketplace version as there are too many changes and each time i need to empty the folder, update and put everything back.

After the SU5, all the buttons on the pedestal have started to flicker. But works fine in the original A320.

i also have the issue of the autopilot not following nav points.

Couldn’t tell you sorry. All I can say is I deleted the pre-SU5 version from MSFS and then downloaded the new version from flybywire’s website a couple of days ago. At that point it still didn’t work properly. However, there was an update on their site last night and it now seems to work though I have only done a short test flight and not done anything lengthy yet.

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