Updated and only 2 Airliners available

Hi all

Just reloaded FS2020 after a few months off, it did the auto update to 1.16, when it loaded after around 6 hours of updating, I’ve found that I only have a limited number of aircraft available in the hangar, I’ve looked in contents manager and all others are showing as installed, yet they don’t show up as usable when I want to select them, I only have the default A320 and 747-8 available.

Does anyone know why this might be, it would seem that I will have to revert to P3d as everytime I want to use FS2020 it throws up more problems


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Steam or MS Store? Also enable Dev Mode and then see if the list of airplanes shows up there?

Empty your Community folder of all 3rd party addons to make sure you are only dealing with a stock installation of the game. You can do this by renaming the Community folder to something like Community.Main and then create another Community folder.

I have the Steam version and have seen this issue, I found restarting helps. Completely exit Steam.

Try to delete the aircrafts that you have “installed” and remove them from the Content Manager, make sure they’re completely uninstalled from there.

Then restart MSFS, and go back to the content manager, and redownload the aircrafts. Hopefully that should work.

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Thank you

I have Steam version, I’ll have a go at this next time, the only addon I have is the Aircraft liveries mega pack, all other stuff comes with the sim

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Yes , for troubleshooting make absolutely sure you have nothing 3rd party active. Should be base stock sim only. Community folder should be empty. If you dont wanna do the rename thing just cut-paste the Community content someplace else and move it back later.

Where do you find the community folder please


Please check the following article on Zendesk:
Only 2 aircraft in hangar

All the content is showing as installed within the manager though

liveries in msfs can do much more than add nice colors to a plane hull.
MSFS planes get updated regularly still.
As a casual player who only flies every couple of months, better stay away from any third party midifications and play vanilla. MSFS ist still in constant development.

the community folder is where you installed the livery megapack. just get rid of the liveries. if a livery includes cockpit functions and those are changed in an msfs update and the livery is not changed, it’s a very likely source of problems.

It would appear that might be the case

Thanks for all the help everyone, but all the steps seem to have made things worse, I shall stick with p3d, thankfully I only invested the premium deluxe price so not too much our of pocket, hopefully over time, they come up with a platform designed for flight simmers as opposed to computer programmers

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I understand your frustration. As an absolute last ditch method you could uninstall the product, make sure every last remnant of the game has been removed (its a very untidy install puts stuff everywhere unlike X-Plane 11) like in Appdata etc. Clean out the disk using the Windows built in Disk Cleanup.

You can also use a 3rd party uninstaller like Iobit or Wise which scour the drive for remnants of the game.

If possible get a separate hard drive and put the game on that. Do the download at night while you sleep. Same for the update once you launch the sim - just go do something else. If you do get another drive ensure that the game installer points to it. Also remember to put the Rolling Cache and Manual Cache on the other drive. This is what Ive done. SSD with just Windows and other drive for MSFS.

If its of any encouragement to you: I play the game on a 13yr old computer. I have had no problems with the game at all except a couple of instances where it was not showing my premium deluxe planes. An exit & restart of Steam fixed that. Good luck.

is it Steam or MS Store version ?

On which drive did you install ?

this is important to know to help you find the community folder.

MSFS Steam install community folder

C:\Users\your pc name \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

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