[Updated] Arrows Across America: fly the US Air Mail routes 1926 - 1934

Excellent - that must make some of the turns a bit of a challenge too!

Yes, but when?


Congrats :partying_face: and thank you for all the work so far. I think this is a brilliant idea.

May I ask you how many of those 900 are unique downloads? You can check this in Traffic Insight tab. Thanks.

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Haha, I knew someone would ask! :grin:

Soon…ish. v3 will have 200 new beacons so we want to get it right for you.

  1. We’ll keep an eye on that figure too (from now on :wink:)
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Yep, I got a similar ratio for my Flying the Hump scenery.

It gives you a rough idea of how many people are regular users :grinning:


Well you can’t just mention it without linking it!

It looks really awesome. I’ll have to give it a go. I did fly the hump after the DC3 was released in the update and it would’ve been a lot cooler with your mod.


I had the FSX/P3D version and it was great. @apollon0011 I was really pleased to see you bring it across, well done on making that happen.

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I love both addons. I have 200 hours on the DC-3 flying the Hump.

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That’s great to hear for all of us, thanks.

200 hours in the DC3 flying The Hump is quite something in that weather over that terrain - congratulations!

Since the name of Grave Creek Landing Field on CAM8 does not really inspire confidence, it will have its own resident lucky black cat…