Updated Hanger User Interface

As more and more planes are being added to the sim, more and more users are filling up their hangar with a long list of Aircraft. The current user interface for filtering through aircraft is basic and cluttered. 4 aircraft per line making for an endless amount of scrolling trying to find that plane you want to fly, something that is very much not helped by the 40 odd Reno aircraft, all replicas of eachother taking up a third of the space. Using ‘All’ to search for aircraft when you have 170+ is a waste of time, and you really need to use the basic sorting function however, there are limited options to sort aircraft by and there is a basic search function and that’s it.

I propose a more compacted UI, that allows for more aircraft to be seen on screen, a way to hide or shrink thumbnails for users who don’t need them, the ability to favourite aircraft and view only those of which a user has favourite and maybe even an option for folders or the ability to create custom tags and assign aircraft to a tag (similar to the current default ones, propeller, airliner, other, ETC).

If anyone has any other ideas, please, I would love to hear them. Maybe this could be opened to third party devs, if such a thing is even possible.

Hello @LtMarsh03,
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One such wish is:

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