Updated KORD


I’m requesting an updated KORD. The FS Dream team one is great, but it’s 4 years old and could use a facelift. I’ve reached out to them but never got a reply. I also reached out to Drzweicki but they aren’t interested. KORD, which I live near, is under constant construction (airport and highways surrounding) for multi year improvements. There is a new dicing station, upgraded/expanded Terminal 5, more L gates etc. Also to use the latest PBR visuals and other cosmetic enhancements, KORD could use some attention as we go into MFS 2024.

Welcome to my problem with PHX

I deleted the american city upgrades because of all the issues with the airports (esp elevation issues which creates cracks in tarmac and that sort of stuff)
I think most of the (premium) airports could use an update