Updated Support Ticket (Stutters in-flight)

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stuttering happens frequently. only uses 2 cpu cores
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happens when you play the game. it doesnt seem to happen in vr though
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10900 i9, 2080 super, latest windows 10, latest nvidia driver
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not sure but it is happening now.
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yes. reply below. I would be keen to have the answer of why the game is only using 2 cores.
Even if it is a ‘bit complicated’. Alas, support don’t seem to have a solution despite marking my ticket as ‘solved’ which is a lie.

Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. This particular issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker.

Please note that we have made significant updates and data changes to the sim and will test a new build soon. If you would like to sign up for a chance to participate in the next Flighting opportunity, keep an eye on the website.

As for why the game is only utilizing 2 of your CPU cores is a bit more complicated to explain as it could be a numerous of reasons and is something we’re actively looking into as well. For this particular question we recommend visiting the official forums and joining our official Discord channel where our growing community of simmers is gathering to offer assistance and guidance in real-time.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

The hardware monitoring screen captures are for your entire system, not just for MSFS. Looking at CPU Core Temperatures all the cores are being utilized by MSFS and other programs. There is no way to determine which cores MSFS is using.

There are two cores showing 100% max utilization. But there is no time information when max occurs. The 100% utilization may have happened at two different times. It may have been one program using 100% for a short time and Windows moved it from one core to another. No way to tell from this information.

The GPU % utilization and CPU % utilization for the entire system including MSFS seem very, very low. More information is needed.

two cores are utilised then when stuttering they all drop down to near enough zero.no other programs running.

You seem to be limited by GPU which is good. The CPU won’t cause trouble when the game is limited by the GPU and none of the cores will be fully used. So using more cores won’t make a difference for your specific situation.

Unless the bottleneck is switching between the CPU and GPU causing stutters, but in that case you didn’t post the right screenshot to show it.