Updates; a quarter of my time in game is spent waiting for downloads and installs

Can we get a way to have the game client update the packages when the computer is idle? Can there be a MSFS updater utility that can run in the background?

It seems every time I want to fly (which isn’t too much as I’m still waiting for the quality of the IFR experience to improve) I have to sit through five plus gigabytes of downloads, plus manually updating the content manager page. By the time it’s all said and done, I’ve spent sometimes almost two hours getting ready to fly a half hour GA flight. By the time the sim is ready, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to do or see, or simply gone to do something else (not in MSFS).

I have 200 hours in game, and just over 100 in the air. I know planning, runup, and taxi will eat into a chunk of that time, but it’s no stretch to say at least 25% of my time in game is spent just waiting to play it, and since I purchased from Steam, I’m locked out of any other title while it does so.

There’s got to be a better way to get updates to the users. Especially while such large file sizes. My 50Mbps connection meets the “ideal” requirement for the game, and all my other uses, so I don’t feel internet speed is what is creating such an undesirable user experience.

And yes, this was all posted while updating. 4.67GiB / 5.25GiB on the main screen. Can’t wait to see how many more are needed when the game finally does load.

Edit: 3.62GB more!

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