Updates download process

Most users do not have New York City or Hong Kong internet speeds. I have a satellite connection giving between 5 Mbps and 30 Mbps download and takes me over 48 hours to install each update, including restarts due to looping files (my desktop is top of the line).

Why can’t Asobo release one single large update installation file that can be downloaded once and then perform the entire installation locally in the computer, instead of downloading hundreds of individual files? The current process seems chaotic, unreliable and slow.

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I am the same with download speeds, it took 18hrs to download additional things after the DVD download.
DVD copied software onto C drive, wheni registered the game it asked me for a drive to store the rest, so i pointed it to the D drive which has 2tb
when I do the version 6 update, it goes straight to the D drive, is this OK ??? it points to the MSFS2020 folder. Presume i dontg need to do anything else but wait.
Sorry to ask, but i am new to this game

Don´t worry, that´s ok

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