Updates From Honeycomb

Between Facebook and E-Mail, quite a few updates from Honeycomb including Alpha and Bravo shipping times, stock, Etc…

(Spoiler, the Bravo is in stock on their website if you’re looking for one).

Also, they posted this on Facebook regarding the Charlie’s.



Not quite:

Shipping from overseas and they raised the price and it is up to the buyer to pay taxes and duties…

They sold out then, they were available in stock yesterday and people were posting their successful orders.

I got the email at 1:31 PM EDT on 9-14-21 and by that time they were already sold out. What good does is do to have an an announcement that is in the afternoon if they are already sold out. What did they have 10 units??? I have had my order in for about 10 months with two different US suppliers but still no Bravo unit.

Selling things from overseas and also raising prices and having the buyer pay for import duties seem “strange” to say the least. I guess the company is having supply chain problems BIG TIME.

I’ve bought a warthog throttle-for the price I think Hall effect sensors are a reasonable must have and they won’t die on you in a couple of years time

I can imagine allot of people are frustrated with wait times.

However, I know of a couple forum members who I’ve talked to in PM who were able to (just a month or so ago) get them within a week or so.

Not sure how they sourced them out.

In Canada we have a large supply of them and they are readily available / in stock at the regular prices. I contacted a few of them for one forum member to see if they would ship to the US but they all said no citing previous fraud issues and wanting to keep supply for residents.

Where did you find them in stock in Canada?

Brampton Flight Centre currently has 4

Canada Computers also carries them but I just checked and they are now sold out.

With Brampton, no shipping option can be found to QC, so will contact them. Thx.

No worries, that’s who I ordered my Alpha and Bravo from but I am in Ontario.

How did you make out?

Here we go again…

Transferred my messenger request to sales person in the chat. No answer yet…