Updating models while in scenery editor

Hi all,

about a year back I was creating my first sceneries using Blender and then exporting the models to the sim. It was ok. What I liked even more was when I exported updated model from blender it automatically updated in the scenery editor in the sim within seconds.

It seems its not the case now. I need to build the package several times and close/open project until the updated model decides to appear in the sim.

Is this normal now or is there any other way?

Thank you

At the moment, if you want to update the model with the sim open, you need to:
re-export the model
open the gltf file with something like notepad
SAVE the file in notepad without any modification!
now the model will change in MSFS

export the model WITHOUT textures
now the model in MSFS will change

Thank you. Will try this.