Updating MSFS to SU6 on windows 10 gave me windows 11 POI's

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Same here. Strange

Got the same message. And my rig isn’t supported anymore by windows 11.

Cheers, Tom

It’s not a bug, it’s a confusing name used for a W11 promotionnal package for MSFS.
Take a look at this topic.

Confusing for PC users, but even worse for XBox users ! :confounded:

Windows 11 64 bits installed since 5 days.
Today, i cannot update fs2020 !
The game said , “please go update”
On the store Nothing !
Why ?

If you’re on Windows 11, download the Xbox App from the Store. You should see the update in the Xbox app. Since moving to Windows 11 I’ve always found the update in the Xbox app.

I’m also on Windows 11 but can’t find a way to trigger the game to update through either Microsoft Store or Xbox app for that matter. Major pain in the bum!

What I did last night was open the store, then at the very top click “Get Updates” even though it didn’t show any. After a few seconds it showed in the store and the Xbox app. Unfortunately for me, I messed up leaving the Beta flight and it wiped the whole install from my PC and had to download again lol.

Doing that doesn’t work lol. Why does something that in theory is so simple, have to be so difficult in practice!

Managed to sort it by doing ‘Windows Key + R’ then typing ‘wsreset.exe’, then rebooted my computer, pressed Get Updates in MS Store and it worked. Seems that clearing out the Microsoft Store Cache might do the trick for anyone with the same issue.

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Closing topic as this isn’t a bug. SU6 introduced some POI’s for Windows 11. See this link: