Upgrade advice

Hi guys! I currently run MSFS on a computer with the following features:

  • MoBo Asrock Z270 Pro 4;
  • CPU i7-7700k;
  • GPU Geforce GTX 1070 8GB VRAM;
  • PSU 550W Corsair 80+ Gold;
  • RAM 4x 8 GB GSkill RipV 3200 Mhz DDR4;
  • 500 GB SSD M2 (exclusively dedicated to MSFS).

With well balanced settings, I am able to run MSFS without major problems, just random stutters and average 15/20 fps. Anyway, I would like to do a little upgrade with a max budget of 500€ and I would like to ask you if I would experience any kind of benefit replacing my GPU with a second hand RTX 2060 Super/2070 or a new RTX 3060.
Thanks in advace for your kind suggestions.

Do you run MSFS off an HDD or SSD?

Dedicated SSD


I have a very similar specs (as far as I understand, I am not tech savy), using a RTX 2060 Super and I can run the game on ultra high in low density areas and high in areas that add more stress like NYC or London, with a few small adjustments like Motion blur, field of view off and scaled back a one or two other bits that didn’t seem to actually help with very few issues, those issues I have tend to be more internet/general issues, currently about 20-30fps but with the new update hoping to run 30-50 on high if not towards ultra as really only need the frame boost to be there so I’d say there is benefit in a 2060 super but if can get a higher GPU and be within PSU usage in budget then I’d go for that. I myself am thinking about getting a 3060/70 but am not sure my PSU will like it.

Hope this was of some use and happy flying!

Thanks a lot for your reply

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No worries! There are a few differences in our systems, I use a Hard drive for example and the next CPU up and think but still, I load within 30-60 seconds and things look beautiful and most other games I manage to run at high or ultra so I’d definitely recommend the 2060Super as a GPU. I hope you manage to get your new system running soon. :slight_smile:

Don’t upgrade anything until SU5 drops in just over a week, which is rumoured to improve CPU performance and lessen memory load. Reevaluate your upgrade options then.


Considering the latest SU5, I got some good performance improvement, but my GPU runs constantly at 100% (even if VRAM is not entirely used) and I fear this will damage it. What do you think? Is it necessary to upgrade the GPU?

Many games run the GPU at 100%, and they are designed to run at that level in games for extended periods, so no your GPU should not get damaged. If you are really worried, you can limit the FS2020 frame rate in Geforce control panel or in FS2020 itself, although with the latter you will be limited to a choice of 30 or 60 FPS whereas Geforce CP you can set FPS limit in increments of 1. Just reduce FPS until your GPU load drops below 100, but obviously you will lose FPS as a result.

Depending on the resolution you run FS2020 at, upgrading your GPU may not reduce your GPU load anyway. I run my 3080 at 4K and in high res VR and in both instances the GPU runs at 100%, even after SU5, and it doesn’t worry me in the slightest. If you are still not getting the FPS you think you need after SU5, then a GPU upgrade will net you more performance.

Thanks for your kind reply, mate

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I run an ancient heap, but last year, installed an Nvidia 1660Super, which is working very well indeed with SU5.

This card got noisy when the load came on, but a tip from elsewhere for the update, was to reduce the frame rate to something minimal. I thought further and as my monitor is a 1440p, but only a 95HZ refresh rate why not limit to that and see how it hangs? Well, the answer is that It does really well now and as the frame rate is limited, it runs a lot quieter and cooler as well. I am around 50FPS now versus 30 beforehand.