Upgrade for the extra aircraft?

How is the msfs 787 and is it really worth upgrading from the base package to premium delux just for the extra aircraft ?
Or do you suggest i wait for a 3rd party 787 ?


I own the premium deluxe version. Is not only the aircraft but also all the upgraded (handcrafted) airports as well. Here is the thing. I really don’t fly the jets because they still have several issues. I am a real life pilot but I wanted the classic Cessna 172 ratter than the G1000 version. Regardless, you get several more aircraft and some really nice airports that, if you want to fly airliners, would be perfect for you. That said, Since there are several payware airports out now, perhaps you should consider staying with the standard version and just get addons from the likes of ORBX or Aerosoft, to name a few. Payware airliners will come but it will be a bit, but I think if you just want to upgrade for the 787, I think is better to stay on standard since you have the NEO 320. Good luck.