Upgrade from rtx 2080 super?

Should I upgrade my gpu to a 2080ti or 3000 series or just wait for an optimization in-game?

With a 3080ti you get around 24% plus in performance. So the calculation is ~800,- € for 24%. That’s the price.

I wouldn’t by a 2080 though… Your 2060S is not so far away from the 2080.

What GPU do you currently have?

i7 8700k…

Iol I mentioned GPU not CPU

Not like you really have a choice for a while anyway

It’s in the title…

And yes I’ll be upgrading from 2080S to 3080 myself. Should go from 30-35 to about 50-55fps…

Hmm bit confused as someone mentioned 2060s,I will wait for the either a 3080super/ti or just get the 3090 when that’s out just for the extra vram.

Based on the you tube vids of the 3080 in MSFS, so far it doesn’t seem much better than a 2080ti. At 4K on ultra it was 2fps better still only managing about 42fps.
Not currently a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion

From a Ti no, but from a Super there’s quite a bit.