Upgrade our racers?

Is there any way to upgrade our air racers? They are a bit slow compared to the actual racers- well, some of them are. It would be cool if we could win prizes and upgrade our aircraft. Or maybe have a Bronze, Silver, and Gold class just like real life and upgrade our way to the Gold class.

I’m sure they’re encrypted (like all premium aircraft, you can’t really mod them) and even if they weren’t any changes made wouldn’t/shouldn’t carry over into multiplayer as that would be cheating, I suppose.

There may be a forced check of the airplane config file (if encrypted planes even have those) or enforcement of a standard config though. I’m not really experienced in creating my own mods, or editing the configs, just hypothesizing.

While this might add a level of interesting engagement and is frequently found in racing games it would be defeated by the fact that all aircraft in a race are “normalized” (they all have exactly the same performance)

I would like to have seen engine management and a more realistic flight model used within the races which would have added skill as a factor to success but it seems they have gone for completely on rails single gear kart racing as their game mechanic.

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