Upgrade Questions?

Hello Everyone Im looking for some help here.
I am currently running a 6700k @ 4.4Ghz and a Gigabyte RTX 2070, Also I am running a 4K Monitor.
Other games are perfectly fine running 4K but as everyone already knows Flight Simulator is very demanding. I really only play FS2020 now.
My main question is say I wanted to get more out of my 4K experience within the simulator. What would be my best route on upgrading? Full new CPU Mobo plus ram? Or if I can find a used 2080 ti or super and just upgrade my graphics card?

Hoping someone will be able to give me some insight on what I should do!


What is your rendering scale set at in the game? Previous to my new build, I ran a 6800k @3.7 Ghz with a 1080it on a 4K monitor. I set the rendering scale in the game at 70-80 and it ran fine with most settings, not all, on ultra.

Thanks for the Quick reply!
My render scale is at 80 I believe. My framerate is alright at higher altitudes but most of the flying I do is low altitude VFR flying. Im looking at trying to run at True 4K.

Try 70.

I can’t really see the difference between 100 and 80 on a 4K monitor(could be my eyes). With my old system I was getting around 36-43 depending on the complexity. Also clouds were a killer so I set them on high. My new system is better but I still only run at 80 rendering scale but with everything at ultra. My fps are mid 40s to high 60s depending again on complexity. Average seems to be in the 50s.

Alright I will try that. Im really aiming to run it how your system does because I am looking to upgrade, do you have any upgrade recommendations? For starters im looking at the 9900k.

There are others that can make a more informed recommendation than I. My new system is a i9 10900K, RTX 3080, 32G Ram at 3200. SSD for hard drive.

Remember, everything is a balance. My old system is getting long in the tooth and I was having issues with it, so I upgraded. My old system work fine with settings that made sense for my systems capabilities. You can have a good experience with your present system, just be cognizant of the settings and what they do and their trade off.

yeh, that CPU is getting on a bit in years.

I would suggest a B550 motherboard, with a Ryzen 5 5600X (if you can get your hands on one) with either 16 or 32GB of DDR4 3600MHz RAM.

It’s pretty much the perfect simming/gaming setup you can get your hands on currently, and it’s priced nicely as well (if you can get the 5600X at around MSRP).

Don’t overspend on a 5900X / 5950X. Those extra cores and threads can not and will not be utilized by games / sims, and will only be utilized by productivity software (rendering, video editing, stuff like that). Same goes for the 10900K, it’s overkill for a game or sim.

Curious to how a cpu would limit you on 4k even if its couple of gens old.Care to explain? Cannot reason with that at all.

HI Austin,
Yes - I would go with the CPU/Mobo/RAM option (You’ll probably need a PSU too). Tack on an Nvm SSD and you’ll be on a good wicket.
Oh - Make sure you get the fastest ram you can afford. I got 4000 and it appears I have better performance than many similar configurations with slower ram.