Upgrade to 5600x?

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I am currently using a 2600x CPU with a Gigabyte 5700XT OC and 32GB Ram @ 3200Mhz + 1TB SSD. I’ve noticed that in general I have been limited by my CPU main thread, which I think has been causing some slight stutter/lag. I tend to fly with the A320NX which I believe is more heavy on CPU resources. Would you suggest upgrading to the 5600x to get better performance and a smoother experience? Is the 5600x and 5700xt a good combo with this sim? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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the 5600X is pretty much the best CPU you can get for this sim.
If you’re targeting 1440P, it’s a great combination. If you’re going for 4K, you might need to look for a new GPU.

1440p is the resolution I’m playing at so no need for 4K! Would I see only a slight improvement or will it be marginal?

Can’t tell you for sure, but I think you’ll see a noticeable difference. Is it going to give you 20FPS extra? Very much doubt it, but seeing how dependent this sim is to Single threaded performance, it should be noticeable.

Just google for ‘Ryzen 5 2600X vs Ryzen 5 5600X’, and you’ll find some links.

Here’s one:
UserBenchmark: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X vs 5600X

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The intention was all good but just a heads up, UserBenchmark has been known to skew results, especially for AMD devices. Here’s another becnhmark result you can use:

This one shows up to an 80% increase in CPU mark versus 25% of UserBenchmark. Pretty much reinforces what you’re saying though, it will be a good increase in performance. Especially with the greater single thread performance.


Good info. I just picked the first of the links google popped up. It’s always good to look at more sources when researching stuff like this. Thanks for the addition.

I got +10 FPS when going from a 3900X to a 5800X. So I think it should be around 15 FPS for you.


Smoother as well or do you get any lag/stutter?

Me? It got smoother and it was an instantly noticeable better experience. But as always I started upping the settings, so the lags came back :slight_smile: But overall I am very happy with my 5800X / 2080TI combo. Even in VR.

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If you ever read the text about AMD CPUs they write there it’s hilarious, they don’t even try to hide how biased they are anymore… ever since the scandal about how they changed the ranking weights to favour intel it’s like they just gave up pretending.