Upgrade to the Premium Deluxe?

So, after having purchased Flightbeam’s KDEN add-on, I’ve been having CTD nearly every time I fly out of there.

As KDEN is my “home” airport, living about 45 minutes south of it, I don’t want to just go back the barren wasteland that is Default Scenery and throw away $20.

I have a way to get the Premium Deluxe that’ll help me financially, but in the end, I’d still be paying full price. The 787 and Citation Longitude interest me as well, but I’m wondering if it’s really worth it in the long run.

Should I do it or uninstall the add-on and wait for SU10?

EDIT: I’m on Xbox.

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Premium Deluxe is worth the money. Less so than upon release, but still a tremendous value.

The airports are about as good as you can expect from other Asobo handcrafted airports. Not as detailed as a premium payware purchase, but bespoke and a decent representation.

The planes are a mixed bag. Some great some meh. But they will be opened up to missing after the next patch so… it will get better fast. There are already some mods for the planes but the floodgates should open very soon.

I have it…it is worth it. The airports in my opinion are excellent. Definitely recommend.

Plane-wise, it’s a hit or miss. I only use the 787 and the Longitude, two perfectly good aircraft in my opinion. the other aircraft is just like the default planes-just different models.

However, in the end, I would recommend it to someone who is looking to up their sim game.

Once WT releases the new G5000 the longitude will be such an amazing bird.

If you fly at least 5 on the handcrafted airports in the world then it is worth it. I thought the 787 was going to be QW level but settled for what is in the game with the mod. Scenery airports should be your reason

I have the premium deluxe but I generally find the airports to be inferior to good payware. I have replaced Liverpool John Lennon and Heathrow with the much superior Inibuilds and Digital Design versions for example.

Depending how much the upgrade will cost you it might be worth waiting for SU10 to launch officially and see if that fixes it.

It’s also worth visiting flightsim.to and seeing if they have a good freeware version of the airport that is crashing for you. Some of the freewares rival good payware.

Absolutely. The Longitude is pretty darn good as it is. Once they add true VNAV (it’s only “advisory VNAV” now) and fix some of the Flight Plan routing bugs, it’ll be near-perfect IMO.

I bought the Premium Deluxe specifically for this.

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The flight planning and AP issues are what kills it for me. Just sucks to spend two hours on a flight and then it gets all screwed up on approach. And I know I can work around it and I have done so, but I’d rather fly something else at this point :wink:

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Don’t expect too much of deluxe airports. Many still need mods to work/look properly. Some really look ok, but are destroyed by a generic or ugly polygon ATC Tower. That’s an immediate ‘home-sweet-home’ killer for me. Generic buildings right next to (or on) the taxiway, elevation issues (dropping of a cliff), terrible lighting, etc… But it’s still worth it: Some are ok, many are modded, you’ll get extra planes with really good mods available, and some mods need the deluxe-version for it to work properly anyway. Maybe that’s the case for KDEN too! So, all in all, upgrading to Premium Deluxe will be worth it.
I don’t know if MSFS Addons Linker works on XBox. If it does I can highly recommend it! It’s soo much easier than (un/re)installing addons.

the 787 will never reach QW level. in fact Asobo has never improved the stock premium deluxe aircraft since release, only bugfixes. there is no indication they ever will. imho waste of money. get other payware aircraft and airports instead you really use.

I am just curious about how people in X-Box generally “flies” in Flight Simulator:
Are you doing airliner routes? Since you bough KDEN, I assumed you will be doing commercial IFR routes using big jets or turboprops.

I can’t imagine doing it with just controller, do you buy separate keyboard / mouse to help you in addition to the game controller & joystick / throttle / rudder peripherals?

If you want to save money, I simply couldn’t understand your value pointers (which aspects of the sim you value more). Will improved airport visuals be enough for you? The Deluxe one gives 5 new aircraft and 5 new airports. The Premium Deluxe expands more to 10 new planes and 10 new airports.

  • How do you fly?
  • Do you fly a full IFR flight like re-enacting real world airline pilot? Do you use the full VNAV/LNAV features?
  • Or are you just simply sight-seeing around the world with General Aviation planes? Or sometimes just want to do it “with a jet”?

Honestly, the extra 15 planes plus 15 sceneries may or may not worth $60, depending on your taste. Flightbeam’s quality is definitely superior to Asobo’s “handcrafted” airports, but that’s why you pay $20 for one instead of $60 for 15+15. In my honest opinion, the Premium Deluxe upgrade is a pretty good deal for half-decent contents.

Asobo jets are pretty much just “meh”. Not terrible, but not too good either. It doesn’t allow realistic flying as their flight dynamics are as good as “broken” - it climbs like jet fighter and descent like dive bomber, and the emptier it is, the more exaggerated the already wrong characteristics. The A320NEO is probably the best default plane as it is, but then again, it is barely useable for proper re-enactment. The 787-10 is not any better than A320NEO or 747-8i: a very pretty and detailed model but generally broken flight dynamics, incomplete system, and sound effects that is just not as good. It has pretty virtual cockpit just like the other Asobo airliner, most of the functions are working. If you like the A320NEO and 747-8i, then the 787-10 is for you.

As for the Cessna Citation Longitude, I think it is more or less, better than the Citation CJ4. It doesn’t feel as exaggeratedly twitchy nor as jet-fighter like.

As a long time PC Simmer, Premium Deluxe is a no-brainer for me. I even pre-ordered it. Although I pretty much binned it in the last 20 months (waiting until proper airliners are released by Fenix or PMDG), I simply never regretted the spending.

I don’t play on Xbox but is there also a rolling cache?
Every time I install a new airport i have to delete the cache, restart the simulator and then the CTD is no longer a problem.

Hope this helps :wink:


Yup. Deleted Cache and did two flights in and out of KDEN - ASE + ASE - KKDEN no problem.

Except on first flight when the HJet decided to stall on approach and I lawn darted 10 miles out. :sob:

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I purchased the Premium Deluxe for the Cirrus, and happily found I also got the Steam 172 as well.

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