Upgrading between versions unfairly priced.. on purpose, or by mistake?

So, as someone who has played previous microsoft titles with different edition tiers (Forza is a big one here.) If you buy the mid-tier version for 89 bucks lets say, the upgrade to the full beans version would only be the difference in price, 30 bucks. Now how come for MFS, this is completely un-available in the MS store, and in the game marketplace it asks for 99$ to upgrade… So because I didn’t buy the 120$ version in the first place, I screwed myself out of getting to that version and theoretically have to pay 189$ total now? This doesn’t make any sense to me and feels more like a marketplace mistake rather than by design, or so i’d hope. If anyone has insight on this i’d appreciate it.


This is really stupid design, I fully agree with you.
I hope this gets addressed in the future,

But that being said there is not too much point in upgrading editions. We already have a proper payware edition of KDEN by flightbeam, making at least one airport in premium deluxe irrelevant.
Soon the QW 787 will be here too, making the default 787 irrelevant.

Maybe the reason they did this is to encourage people to impulse buy premium deluxe on launch, rather than deliberating the decision over time, as they would quickly see that money could be better spent going towards payware replacements of premium deluxe content.

Premium deluxe will always have the value of the sheer amount of airports / airplanes included, no doubt about that


yea that part sucks, had some bills to pay and couldn’t quite dish out the full 120 before launch, now im kinda regretting that. sigh, I could’ve probably just lived off ramen for a week and enjoyed the premium deluxes :rofl:

after all, knowing payware will come anyways does relieve the concern of not having certain aircraft I wanted. Especially considering they’d be more study sim level.

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imagine my luck, I prefer to fly boeing airliners minus 747. I flew a large mix in P3D, 717, 737, 777, 787, even 757 and 767 in X-Plane. Almost zero hours in 747 comparatively.

and then here comes standard edition, only boeing jet is 747 :cry:

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as a Boeing guy as well, I shed some tears not seeing a default 737 :sleepy: but im looking forward to the PMDG version anyways.

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Don’t understand it is very common, that if you buy a standard version then later decide to upgrade that you pay more than you would if you bought the premium deluxe in the first place.

It would make no sense to offer the upgrade which would bring the cost to the same total as the premium deluxe cos then everyone would do that first then buy the upgrade or not. It just wouldn’t make business sense and could cost them alot of money from potentially lost sales.

Well charging someone 99$ for a 30$ upgrade sounds fishy to me, even if they wanted to cut losses, I think 40$ more would be somewhat justifiable, not 99$.

But we shall see!

I’m of two minds here. Obviously the reason they sell a deluxe version is so people will pay more to get the extra goodies thereby making each sale worth more. Now if they offer a free upgrade to get the extra goodies if pretty can defeat the purpose of the marketing tactic. The marketing aspect is pretty involved so I won’t bother going into detail, I’m sure you can find relevant info if you want to look but like most things, it isn’t as simple as most non-professionals think. As for “stupid”? Hardly, there is a lot of knowledge about marketing and it is extremely successful and if Microsoft can make that much money while being stupid then I wish I was dumber.

But, I know in the US in particular that the customer usually has a lot more flexibility than most places in the world when it comes to returns and upgrades so I guess my expectation is lower. Especially for software where we have zero flexibility.

I’ll finish by saying that personally I don’t care what MS do for this. If I make a purchasing mistake then I go, “doh!” and try not think harder about it next time. I do wish we had the US flexibility sometimes though.

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As others have said it’s just about encouraging people to go straight for deluxe to avoid the extra cost. If you wait a while it will probably drop in price anyway.

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I never said free upgrade, that would defeat the purpose of versions, I just can’t wrap my head around paying 99$ for something with a 30$ price difference.

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I actually made a post similar to this, in which my point was that there is another big issue. As you said, for you to go from the deluxe version to the premium deluxe, you need to pay $99 for the upgrade, so a total of $189. For me, who got the standard edition, I only need to pay $85 for the premium deluxe upgrade, so my total for the “full beans” would only be $145. If these prices are accurate I would be outraged if I bought the deluxe version.

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I don’t mean free as in no-cost because that would be insane. I am saying free as in simply the price difference.

So if a base version cost $100 and the premium is $150. Then I think you want to pay the $50 difference so it was a poor choice of words. Some places let you do that. Many don’t. The idea is to get you to pay the $150 first. So what often happens is something more like:
Base version: $100
Premium version: $150
Upgrade from Base to Premium: $75 (if we assume the difference in content is worth $50).

gotcha gotcha

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Not sure why anyone wants to buy premium or deluxe. Save the money for quality 3rd party aircraft.

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Valid point, but as said prior it’s a good bang for your buck for aircraft+Airports. Or it should be, if they fix the pricing.