Upgrading from an overclocked 1660ti to a Radeon RX 6800 XT, impressions

Is it worth it?

Depends on your wallet of course, but for me, gaming at 1440p the answer is…oh hell yeah.

I’ve only had the card a few hours, but the difference is better than I’d hoped for. I had already upgraded my Ryzen 3600X to a 5600X for this game and now with the 6800 XT it is simply fantastic. As I fly a lot of r/c planes with headtracking video cameras onboard, the sense of speed in the Pitts with TrackIR flying low is very similar, so getting those stutters down to a minimum was vital for the immersion.

On the 1660ti overclocked to the max I got about mid 30s with a mix of medium/high and some ultra settings and 90% render scaling over photogrammetry Hobart, Tasmania in a Pitts. Now with all on ultra I can get constant 60-70 plus and in wilderness areas I’m getting 80 plus, such as in the Grand Canyon. New York sees me getting mid 50s to over 60fps at 1440p all ultra and it’s mostly all nice and smooth. Rolling cache turned off, with a modest fibre internet plan of 50 Mbs.

All this on auto GPU timings, not Rage mode and no memory sharing with the GPU yet (as I have to convert my SSD to enable it in BIOS on the X570 mobo). GPU temps with a fan tweak were in the mid to high 60’s Celsius.

These new cards are well worth investing in for FS, if you can find one. I lucked out after cancelling my nVidia 3080 order after waiting near two months.

Edit: 90% Render scaling (I had selected ultra but it doesn’t change this setting) Imy eyes can’t really see any difference.

100% Render Scaling, not the same area, but the drop in frame rate was minimal.


I’ll will eventually replace my 3600/5700XT with the same as what you’re running, but not till mid/late next year. After much frustrations with current stock levels, I got a 5700XT and am satisfied with its results on my 1080p configuration:

Personally, I think the game feels weird above 40fps. Like it’s close enough to reality where 60fps is uncanny valley territory and has that weird soap opera look.

In the AMD driver, I set chill to 30fps and it really helps frametimes stay level. If you’re into the higher FPS, you can set the min and max both to something like 50, and you’ll have perfectly even performance across the whole globe.

Congrats on finding one, I think it’s ■■■■■ criminal that the AIB cards are retailing for $800 before scalping. That card isn’t worth more than $650 for a reference model.

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Yeah, most people are so used to watching video or movies at 24fps that higher frame rates can look weird. I’m used to gaming at high fps so it doesn’t trigger that for me in FS. Even so, I always shoot video at 24fps on my drones and fix wing r/c models, same on my dslrs.

As for pricing and availability, yeah it is criminal. I had to pay a bit over the odds for a basic Gigabyte card that came up online, but not eBay scalper prices. I just got sick of waiting. My usual supplier had their supply of nVidia 3080s dry up to virtually nothing and have had no AMD 6800 cards at all.

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