Upgrading my hardware?

You can also try to disable the overclock. In the past there were reports of some users that the OC gave them problems … I think it’s worth a try :man_shrugging:

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Thank you for your Input!
I overclocked because i had fps around 21, so this didn’t helped.

Yes my PC is hardwired to the router! A Speedtest gave me around 110 Mb/s BUT at the same time my kids are watching Youtube and my wife is connected to WLAN with her handy.

So what i will do now: I will upgrade my Motherboard to a Asus ROG STRIX Z690-F with a i9-12900K and new DDR-5 RAM (cause of the Motherboard).

My wife just gave her Okey on the condition that we go out to eat…

I will post an Update in a few days! For now thanks for the Inputs!

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Ahhh! how sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: … just DON’T take her to McDonalds :scream_cat:

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Can I borrow your wife?

I need to upgrade my hardware.

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Hi friends!

I just want to give a small update to my upgrade: i upgradet to a i-12900K with a new Motherboard ROG STRIX Z-690 F and 32 GB DDR-5 RAM.

With same settings as before i have a stable, stutterless experience with all switches on ultra and LOD at 400. FPS are around 40 and 45 and i am really happy with it! No overclock!

Once again thank you all for the inputs and i wish you all many happy landings!