Upgrading to premium with standard game pass version installed?

Hi all,

I currently play FS2020 in the standard version that comes with the gamepass. I installed the game via the xbox app.

Now I was thinking to upgrade to the premium edition. Does anyone know:

If I purchase the premium edition, will the game just update or do I have to do a fresh installation.
(or can I just add the extra content for download within the game).

Also, does it matter if I purchase in the Microsoft Store, or the Xbox App?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

My experience so far after having just done is that I am not getting the new content even though I purchased the Premium Deluxe while having the pass version installed.

Trying few more things like the support article of logging in and out then will do a full reinstall if no luck.

Will report back results.

I had no problem doing this:

  1. Purchased in Microsoft Store and click Install
  2. Launched Game, then closed
  3. Launched Game again, went to Content Manager and checked the box on top to select all
  4. This shows 3.x GB of data to download with names of the premium planes & airports
  5. Downloaded and content showered up

Hi georgi55,

thanks for your reply!

I bought the deluxe premium edition via the xbox app. The content unlocked und downloaded correctly. Got it all installed . Very happy so far :slight_smile: