Upgrading your Package

Hey Guys, I need some help. I’ve been trying to upgrade my package from deluxe to premium deluxe. I’m still struggling to find how I can upgrade my package on steam. Any input is helpful.

I have the same problem, I’ve been going around in circles ,don’t they want our money???

You have to upgrade through the in-game marketplace, not through Steam.

Ironically, I’m fairly certain that’s why upgrades can only be purchased from the in-game market, not the Steam marketplace.

I’ve tried from the in-game market place,it keeps saying “purchase failed” then I go to the Microsoft store ,there it says it’s not available . I just been on the line to support for nearly an hour ,unfortunately they were of no help either .

Ah I see - sounds like there may be an outage/connection issue - the fix for that is usually “sit and wait” although sometimes it gets more complicated.

Ok thanks.