USB and Crash

Flying an 11 hour flight…started 8 hours ago.
I accidentally yanked the USB cable from my keyboard. That’s all it took to totally freeze/crash the sim.
What year is this? USB crashing an app in 2021?? I feel like I’m back in the Windows 98 days. I’m afraid to even touch my coffee on the desk fearing the sim will crash.


Yeah. Also the same reason you shouldn’t use wireless peripherals that have a sleep / suspend mode while using MSFS. Keyboards are particularly bad if you don’t use them regularly during the flight. Especially if you have outboard controls and don’t use the keyboard much or at all for the sim. They’ll go to sleep and crash the sim.

I also use an XBOX controller for control of my free look and drone. I had to stop using it wirelessly for that same reason.

Best case scenario when plugging / unplugging a device is the sim will freeze from 20-60 seconds then resume. Sometimes it won’t even detect the new device connected (keyboard or XBOX controller in my case) after that pause. And other times, it’s a CTD.

Additional tip is to DISABLE USB selective suspend setting in advanced power setting in Windows Power Plan setting.


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