USB Cable for LINK

This post just to explain my experience.

I am using VR, first with Link, then with Steam VR, then back to link…

But, its always difficult to use it, i am running at the limits of my hardware, Ryzen 5 2600x, RTX 3070, and the view is difficult to stabilize and to get it smooth.

One point that was worrying me a little bit was the USB cable. I didn’t bought the Oculus one, but a fast one, 6m USBC to USBC + adapter USBC to USBA to connect to my mother board.

When id o the Oculus USB test i get 1.8 Gbps. But i see very often that many others here are getting 2.3 Gbps.

So i thought that maybe, the adpater could slown down the speed a little bit. So i bought another USb cable, USBc to USBa direct, 3m.

I did the same test and i get 1.7Gbps.

So it seems that the cables are not the problem, maybe its a mother board limitation, and i have a basic mother board ASUS B350M-A.

I discovered also that i amongst the USB3 ports on my MB i have also 2 USB3.1, so i tried them but the result is the same, 1.8 with the new cable, and 1.8 also with the previous one.

Is that a limitation ?

How can we achieve 2.3 Gbps ?

Changing MB ? which i am not planning yet…

This video explains it all very well, including speeds, type of cable etc and will answer all your questions.

Thanks and interesting video, i learned the différences between USB2 and USB3.
But it doesn’t answer my question, when i get 1.8 Gbps on the Oculus test and others get 2.3 Bbps, am i at the right level to use Oculus and MSFS VR ?
Oculus says yes, green light…
But for MSFS VR do we need the extra bandwidth from 1.8 to 2.3 ? or not…

I get 1.9 to 2.1 and have no VR problems.

In his video he talks about bandwidth the headset uses.

yes but i didn’t catch the number, so i did my own test and i found a maximum of 75 Mbps from Headset to PC, and 88 Mbps from PC to Headset.

I was in flight, 2000 feets, 22 FPS and moving head from left to right, with copilot :slight_smile:

and also real traffic activated.

So, my guess is that with 1.7Gbps we are far above any requirements

measurements done with Advanced USB Port Monitor

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