Use a Weather Request pop up panel like this to view destination weather, winds aloft, etc

I understand what you’re saying, however as I understand it once in the air pilots don’t get instant weather updates on-route? My suggestion enables users to check the forecast for the what’s happening now; and what’s forecast out for 24hrs. From there a pilot can plan their arrival and if the weather changes it is essentially just like real life and all the vagaries that weather presents.

Nope, never said anything about ‘Instant Updates’. What I asked for is being able to learn what the current weather is when requested, you know kind of like ATIS? What MSFS uses I believe is only updated either every 8h, or every 12h. Very often, when I bring up METARS thru another 3rd party app, for example ActiveSky Next, it does not agree with what MSFS will be upon arrival. I don’t want instant updates, I just want to know what the winds will be upon arrival by the time I start planning for that. I live in the Front Range of Colorado and the edict here is, “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait 15 minutes”.

When you talk about checking the weather 24h out, which particular source are you referring to? I want ONLY the one used by MSFS because that is all that matters. Such a simple feature to enable, that is why ActiveSky Next created it for that app. Can’t believe the resistance to this simple feature very bizarre.