Use Bing Maps for VFR Map

It would be great if the Bing Map could be used for the VFR Map instead of the current one which has no place names etc on it. It might be relatively straightforward to implement and the airports, VORs, traffic etc could be superimposed on it.

It would be a huge improvement and the technology is already in everone’s PC

Great idea. Both are from MS. Both can promote each other. Technically it should not be hard as there are already some maps connected on

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That is the basis for my flight planner which is freely available. It has been updated to follow the plane on the map.

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Definitely agree the in-game map needs more details of what you’re flying over. I’ve got a 2-screen setup, and usually have google maps open on the second screen (that isn’t running MSFS) to know what I’m looking at.


Good idea. Meantime try LittleNavMap :slight_smile:
You don’t need anything more!


I totally agree, I was asking the same, voted!

So after looking at the new world map, and seeing the aircraft moving across it and city names, and roads and rivers, etc, how about using that ingame for the VFR map instead of what we have now. PLEASE! ;p
If is far more informative then the existing VFR map.

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well seeing how their last “update” went, i’m scared to ask for any new feature, or we might be getting pop-ins inside our cockpits as well

Good idea indeed.

That would be very good. Currently I use

I’m in total agreeement. If I can run bing or google maps in a browser at the same time as MSFS I don’t see why that should be so difficult.

Especially for us Xbox users, we’re limited to the VFR Map as-is. We can’t download the mods that people are linking here. So this is VERY MUCH NEEDED.

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Not that a good idea actually, if you consider the fact that the waypoints and all the other navigational information will be much harder to notice because of the sattelite.

The current map has a couple of options that you can turn on or off at any time with a simple click. “ISO Map” and “GPS Tracking”. If they simply add a 3’rd option of “Satellite” then this would solve the issue for everyone.

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