User defined camera setting to aircrafts

Hi, maybe a stupid question …or not.
Is it possible to assign a user defined camera setting (zoom, camera heights position, …) to a specific airplane? Maybe when I switch between PMDG 737 and CJ4. Is there a way to store / reload those settings if necessary?

Thanks for your support.

Happy landings,
skyflight 67

There are custom camera views you can set inside the cockpit - using 1 to 9 presets. Check the Camera category in the Keyboard Controls. You’ll see how to set them and recall them. They actually won’t work in other aircraft once you’ve set them. I have presets for each of my go-to planes.

As a side, there is someone on who has made the custom camera views for just about every payware and freeware plane.

It gets updated regularly and you just download and copy the camera.cfg file for the plane you want into the required directory (instructions provided).