User-defined weather?

I recently downloaded FS2020 and I can’t find user-defined weather to create my custom weather conditions, such as departure in sunny skies and arriving in a storm. I used that feature often in FSX and FS9. Does anyone know if that function was taken out by Microsoft?

The ability to set your own weather is there and if anything probably has more flexibility than FSX…

  1. Go to the world map.
  2. Click on “Flight Conditions”.
  3. Set Multiplayer to either “All Players” or "Off (Group Only).
  4. Click “Custom” under “Weather & Time”.
  5. To the right and near the top of the screen there is a drop-down list of pre-sets, set this to the pre-set closest to the conditions you want to fly in.
  6. Finally adjust the weather conditions to your personal preferences below.

Hope this helps. :+1:t2:

Thank you for the quick reply and helpful advice!

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