User-selectable option to fly without atmospheric haze

Dear Microsoft/Asobo, a user-selectable option to fly without atmospheric haze would be greatly appreciated.

This added option probably wouldn’t require much effort from Microsoft/Asobo to provide.

While atmospheric haze is part of a realistic simulation, it seems a little overdone in MSFS, especially in VR. This takes away the pleasure of flying for the purpose of sightseeing, when you would want clear vision as far as possible.

Thank you in advance.

To all VR flyers, please vote to support this request!

Of course, the option would be best if provided as part of the sim, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some geniuses like mbucchia will come up with a post-processing tool to at least reduce the haze, if Microsoft/Asobo doesn’t provide it natively.

you can always use a preset, these can be as clear as you want.

Unfortunately, haze is always there, even if you chose clear weather.

April/01 update:
Woke up today, loaded MSFS and wow! There is the “haze on/off” button!
Never noticed it before! Works like a charm!
Thanks Microsoft/Asobo!

Short of an option to disable atmospheric haze provided by Asobo, would someone here know what are the best settings (brightness, luminance, exposure etc…) using post-processing tools like the OpenXR Toolkit to at least reduce it?