Using Button Binds whilst Mouse is over Garmin/Toolbar Windows does not work as intented, Regression Game Breaking issue

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Since SU7 the issue of Button Binds not working when the mouse is hovering over a Garmin screen and/or Window from the toolbar is still present. This bug, which is a regression, has not been fully fixed since and is a Game Breaking issue. It has already been reported in previous Beta Forums, but as those threads went unnoticed and now Archived I am posting here so that it can get looked at properly - Again this is a Game Breaking issue, since SU7.

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Using a HOTAS HAT SWITCH bind ATC functions to those switches.
Go into a Flight and open a toolbar window.
Place the mouse over the window and move the HAT switches.
Nothing (should) happen.
Move the mouse away from the window and try again, now the switches should work.

For reference I’m using a Saitek X45, but this bug is prevalent using other USB devices with button binds.

Also the VR Zoom button bind is another way to see this bug in action, you press to hold the zoom but if the Mouse then moves over the top of a Garmin screen or toolbar window the Zoom gets “stuck” when you release the button.

I have had this bug happen on fresh installs and on a new PC, so it is not local to me.

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Any button binds to any USB device, namely a Saitek X45 in this case but have tested with regular button boxes, controllers etc

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