Using cockpit translate on mouse wheel

I absolutely cannot stand the zoom function in FS2020, be it cockpit or external. It just show views distorted. So I’ve been using alternative methods using cockpit translate which works well. I however would like to translate back and forth inside the cockpit using the mouse wheel. I also have it binded to some keys. Using keys it goes in and out pretty fast. However using it with the mouse wheel it is quite slow. Anyone know how to make it faster with this method? Just so you know, I’m running this on a laptop and am flying without a joystick. The zoom is atrocious and I can’t believe this is the default method on a mouse wheel. Seems some obvious things could be so easily fixed by Asobo instead of making the user go through this hassle

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Does your mouse have it’s own programing? Maybe you can set it for app specific (msfs) and adjust the the mouse wheel speed from that or change the scroll type.

That’s an idea. I just have the generic windows drivers installed. Maybe Microsoft has software for it.

Pressing “shift” while using the mouse wheel for knobs in the cockpit speeds up the number change process, I wonder if it would do the same with zoom?

Hmm, it does have program specific settings but for programs, not windows store apps. When I go to browse to the exe I get to Windows apps folder but security won’t let me in and I can’t change security properties. iIcan accelerate the wheel globally and that does help a little bit.

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