Using GPS Coordinates as Departure/Arrival

Would love the Function to set Departure Coordinates or Arrival Coordinates.
Like just copy’ing from Google some GPS Coordinates of nice Destinations and Inserting then in the Game, would really be handy! :slight_smile:

You can absolutely do this! You can’t do a Right Click + Paste in the Search box but you can do Ctrl + V. Then press Enter. Once the map zooms to the coordinates you may have to click on the coordinates that Search found to get the Departure option. This will spawn you in the air in flight (1600 AGL I think).


oh thanks! :smiley:

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did it work? can you show me the format? thanks

I’ve successfully used both common GPS formats:

  • 21°07’22.9"N 11°24’06.0"W
  • 21.123036, -11.401673

You can easily copy these off of your favorite mapping app. FYI these coordinates are the famous “Eye of Africa” (Richat Structure). It’s a must see in MSFS :slight_smile: Rick

Hi there,
I’m closing this topic. As has been pointed out, this is already possible to do. If you don’t know how to do it, here are some steps:

  1. Go and grab some coordinates. I don’t know all of the formats that work, but not surprisingly, if you copy Bing Maps’ coordinates, they do work in the sim. (Here are some coordinates: 41.853865, -87.608087. That is an approximate position of your starting point on runway 36 in the old Meigs Field.)
  2. Paste them into the search bar on the left, as shown below.
    Coordinates step 1
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard. The sim will prompt you to choose the coordinates as a departure or arrival point.
    Coordinates step 2
  4. Choose the appropriate option (departure or arrival).