Using PC. ILS not hooking up in 787 into PDX or SFO but does into SEA

ILS used to show on the Airspeed/ALT gauge (HSI?). Using PC with Joystick and throttle. Flying the 787 the ILS will engage into SEA but no longer works flying into PDX or SFO. It used to work before the latest upgrade. Using approach plates I’ve printed out I know the altitudes required coming into the waypoints on approach. AP is engaged as is LNAV. Coming into SEA when I see the 4 vertical dots to the left of the altitude I know that ILS has captured the jet then I hit the APPR button on the flight and the ILS takes control and brings me down to the runway at the perfect glide slope. It used to work wherever there was a CAT 1/2/3 at the airport I’m flying into. But this no longer works. Any ideas? Thanks

I forgot to mention that while waiting on Tarmac or runway prior to take off in the 787 I look down at the Flight Management Computer and with my mouse I select the APR/DEP button then I select the airport I’m flying to… it then shows my the various runways with ILS next to the headings and I select the one I want then I tap Execute. It then show the course the plane will fly after I engage AP and LNAV.

Have you verified the correct ILS frequency is dialed in? For some aircraft setting the approach and runway doesn’t automatically set the correct frequency.

Thanks Pacific…I have not verified that I have the correct ILS frequency. I never used to have to do that but maybe the latest update changed the “automatic” ILS freq setting. I will look into that Thanks Pacific.

Solved? I did nothing other than pay more attention to ATC…using PC…flew into KSFO w/ 787 followed the Printed Out Approach Plates for Routes/Waypoints and Altitudes and did not do anything with changing ILS Frequency…to be honest I can’t even see or figure out how to change the ILS Freq. I’m flying AP, LNAV and Auto Throttle…once the Glide Slope symbol appears on the Altitude/Horiz/Airspeed Gauge…I hit Appr…and Voila ! ILS grabs the 787 brings me down…I’m a little left disengage AP, Auto Throttle and land…it was awesome to see it work again