Using "Set best mixture" causes mixture control to be permanently pulled out and unusable

Still Broken

Genuinely shocked Asobo haven’t included fixing this one in SU8.

If there’s something fundamental that can’t be fixed then remove the command entirely but don’t leave it in the game like this.

Hopefully, the “set best mixture” gets fixed soon. I have submitted the bug 3 times over the past 6 months after it stopped working. I believe is stopped working with SU6. Of course, the feedback on my bug report submission via Zendesk says it’s fixed. I think they just close tickets to move on and not even put them in the queue to fix them.

There is a bug assigning “mixture axis” to a controller axis and a button or simply a key for “best mixture” setting together. It is not possible to assign both settings at the same time, mixture setting gets lost and engine shuts down. When unplugging and re plugging the controller instantly → CTD!!
W10 pro + Logitech G940, but same probl. with any other contr.

Still broken

Confirmed, so much for patch SU8 and bug fixes…

Still broken in Update 8


Still broken on Xbox

  • Sim Update 9 released

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It will never be fixed when it’s impossible to open a bug report and the system closes this report immediately as solved. Even this is broken…


Still broken