Utility for verifying full and correct installation

Hello everybody,
A lot of people have various issues, such as a function that doesn’t work, or a menu that is missing, often after an update that accidentally changed something. Personally, I don’t have the external cameras (a topic is published on this subject).
So, I imagine a tool that would verify that all the required files and folders are installed correctly in their place and up to date. If a file is missing or corrupted, this utility would offer to download and replace it. It could solve a lot of varied and unforeseen problems.
Everyone knows the “Checking for update” which is done automatically, there it would be a “Checking for correct installation” launched by the user when he encounters a problem.
What do you think ?

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Hi there,
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OK. I’m ok for this merge. Good idea. Thanks. I will vote for the the merged topic.

Thank you!