Uwa light mod conflicts with AAU1 TBM 930?

Whenever I have Uwa light mod for the TMB, the avionics displays are blacked out. Remove the mod from Community, they work fine. I don’t know if its just my problem or it is a known conflict. BTW the TBM stock head lights are ridiculously dim, IMO…

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You can comment on his GitHub. Seems he hasn’t worked yet on AAU 1.


From Release Notes

“Additionally, any current TBM or Longitude mods (including any FDE or lights mods) must also be removed or the aircraft may refuse to start, exhibit broken systems behavior, or display other incorrect functions.”

Uwa is reliable and usually very quick to update. The light mod is must have for me. They are done separately per ac, so just remove these two for now.

You are correct Sir. I have the same issue with the ‘LightMod’. It worked fine (and was a nice add-on) till the last update.