[V 0.5.2] A32NX | FlybyWire Simulations

Hi there,
A new stable version is released.
This is a hotfix release for various issues.

If you run into any issues with the mod, please do the following before asking for help or opening a bug report:

  • Run the mod without custom liveries
  • Run the mod without other mods (only for diagnosing, please report the issue if it is caused by a third-party mod !)
  • Make sure you are running MSFS on Windows 10 version 2004 or greater
  • Please make sure you download the mod via the zipped release below, or the official installer (cloning via Git/Github requires you to build first)



  1. [CDU] Changing CRZ/DES speed to acknowledge any speed restriction
  2. [CDU] Two tiny fixes for flightphase speeds
  3. [CDU] Fixed altitude button setting the speed on ATC request
  4. [CDU] Error messages now print for invalid trip wind delims
  5. [ND] Flight route now hidden in VOR ROSE and ILS ROSE modes
  6. [MISC] Fixed F/O displays being synced with the captain’s displays
  7. [FUEL] Fixed outer tank fuel transfer
  8. [FLIGHTMODEL] Fixed spoiler auto-retract after landing
  9. [FLIGHTMODEL] Fixed for flaps 1 unrecoverable dives
  10. [API] Fixed connection issues when using default ATC and SimBrief
  11. [CHECKLISTS] Fixed typo in Descent preparation checklist
  12. [TCAS] Fixed TCAS traffic mode switch not turning
  13. [DISPLAYS] Fixed background on DCDU and SAI to match other displays
  14. [ECAM] Added missing unit conversion to cruise and engine page
  15. [ECAM/CORE] Improved flap auto-retraction detection
  16. [TEXTURE] Fixed overlapping text on the chronometer

Known issues

  • ELEC ECAM page is not functional
  • HYD ECAM page is missing
  • GPWS altitude callouts can be repeated in some cases
  • Various issues related to following STAR’s in managed heading mode
  • Minor issues with following altitude constraints in managed altitude mode
  • ADIRS “ON BAT” light has not been implemented yet

Common User Problems

  • Autopilot sharp banking or nosediving:
    • Increase your hardware deadzones to 10% or above
  • Aircraft spawns with all lights on and switches in odd positions:
    • Use the installer, DO NOT clone from Github!
  • Low FPS in cockpit:
    • Set cockpit display refresh rate to medium or low
  • Blank first officer screens:
    • Livery issue, please use a different livery
  • Managed navigation mode skips STAR’s and flies directly to airport:
    • Use selected heading when this occurs
  • Wing dips on landing:
    • Use minimal aileron input below 100ft.

For a detailed changlog, see:

You can download the new stable release version 0.5.2 here:

…or use the installer.


I hope everybody is stocked up on virtual paper.


A quick preview of our upcoming engine model. Still LEAP, but better modeled (e.g. no more engine spikes). FADEC work will begin after the engine model is finalized.


Hi there,

the printer is now implemented in the developer version.
(see two posts above)

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