V nav in A320 fly by wire

hi guys i s there any one or video on you tube how to use VNAV in A320, as i foud difficuled to descent while approche to airport.

Hi @wojtaskl. Someone may answer here but if you do a search on YouTube you will find a multitude of videos on the subject. Know this however - What you will see will only reveal part of what you can actually do in the current default or modified (FlyByWire) A320 as it does not yet have full managed climb and descent capabilities.

This is also one of the most unique things about the airbus which differs from Boeing. Rather than videos, I’d also recommend you read up on managed modes in the Airbus as that covers the entire philosophy and is essential for really understanding how this aircraft works.

It’s a lot to consume but you can read this for starters. Control your Speed… During Descent, Approach and Landing | Safety First

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You can descend by changing the altitude to the assigned altitude by the ATC. Turn the knob and press it. And the aircraft will descend on its own until it reaches the target altitude.

First of all, VNAV isn’t implented yet. Do you mean RNAV approaches? Or do you mean the descent in general?