V-sync fps locker

why fps are locked with increment for 60 hz? hope will added more convenient for other frequency, as do other games creators, and as i get it the not native full screen but windowed borderless, as don’t work g-sync compatibility when selected full screen only for g-sync, and start working when driver selected windowed too… must be it have sense as in p3d… btw, windowed g-sync compatibility work with flickering, so have to disable it

It isn’t, unless your monitor refresh rate is 60 Hz. If your rate was 120 Hz for example then it will be locked to factors of that instead i.e. 120/60/40

e.g. @144Hz = 144/72/48

I think what you may be requesting is a CPU wait-based FPS limiter instead of a V-sync-based one. However, in my experience with this game/sim, CPU wait-based limiters haven’t provided me as smooth of an experience (granted it’s being forced by external applications/driver rather than a native implementation).

yes, but because we have different monitor is better be 1 1/2 instead 60 30. not big deal. are you sure is cpu fps limiter don’t use itself cpu time lol? i think in this game most part where we got fps drop is gpu and msfs server speed factor. but fps limiter for prevent overload cpu very interesting idea, may be it’s rare situation when cpu is bottleneck. but it’s can be if use my 9700k at 4.8ghz or slower. don’t think modern cpu can be problem. sure they can in not conventional settings with 100 airport density and 100 offline air traffic in this situation problem will with any cpu. btw i think i have cpu overload because i have 50% airport density. and behind big airport starting performance problems. what soft do you use for limit fps by cpu load?

DirectX doesn’t provide a practical way to do this using V-sync. It either presents a new frame based on the display refresh period, or based on the amount of back buffers / pre-queued frames. Using a busy wait loop does use up some CPU time, but it’s typically not enough to concern ourselves with. I was using RivaTuner or the graphics driver built-in limiter, but I switched back to the native V-sync limiter in the sim because it is the smoothest for me.

i use same. 30 in msfs 50 with my monitor, i used 20 is 33.3 fps for me, but back to 50 just some jumping around big airports, you guys remember me, about this and about my settings. thanx. must be i have to set lower settings for airport density. do you think developers leave rulers only one baton after one of update, just like that?:slight_smile: