[v0.4.0] Salty 747-8 | Salty Simulations

Version 0.3.0 of the Salty Simulations 747-8 has now been released. Some new major features include:

  • Complete visual redesign of all displays
  • New custom EFIS font
  • SimBrief integration and WX/METAR and ATIS requests
  • Improvements to VNAV
  • Largely refined EICAS message logic and messages

To view the complete changelog and download the aircraft: Release v0.3.0 · saltysimulations/salty-747 · GitHub


Hey everyone! We are excited to release our biggest stable release as of yet, featuring long-awaited features such as integration of the WT flight plan manager, allowing the implementation of direct to functionality, holds, route changes and more! In addition, we have revised SimBrief to work properly for airways and coordinates, added TCAS traffic to the ND, added numerous VNAV and autopilot features, added a fully functional fuel jettison system, as well as much more.

Read the changelog and download: Release v0.4.0 · saltysimulations/salty-747 · GitHub.