[v2.3.0] Ka-10M "HAT" coaxial helicopter & Kuznetsov carrier group | TouchingCloud feat. Got Friends

The Ka-10 (NATO reporting name Hat) is a Soviet single-seat observation helicopter that first flew in 1949.

Design and development

The Ka 10 was a development of Nikolay Kamov’s earlier Ka-8, which had been successful enough to allow Kamov to set up his own OKB (design bureau) in 1948. The Ka-10 made of similar layout to the Ka-8, with an open steel-tube structure carrying an engine, a pilot’s seat and two three-bladed coaxial rotors. It was larger, however, with a revised transmission and rotor hub design, and a new engine specially designed for the helicopter, the 41 kilowatts (55 hp) Ivchenko AI-4 flat-four.

Operational history

The Ka-10 made its first flight in September 1949. Three more prototypes followed, which were evaluated by Soviet Naval Aviation. A Ka-10 was displayed at the 1950 Tushino Air Display, and one made the first landing by a Soviet helicopter on the deck of a ship on 7 December 1950.

In 1954, 12 of an improved version, the Ka-10M were built for the Maritime Border Troops. They had a twin tail rather than the single vertical fin of the Ka-10 and modified rotors and control systems.

MSFS Ka-10M special features

  • native helicopter flight model with CFD simulation
  • accurate weight and size
  • multiple liveries
  • animated mechanics – control levers, rotor mast
  • animated default pilot model (IK bones)
  • kneel tablet with navigation map (Pelican’s nav MFD)
  • custom downwash effects
  • custom engine, gear and rotor WWISE sounds

MSFS Kuznetsov carrier group special features

  • Four locations - Severomorsk (north-west Russia, moving), Vladivostok (south-east Russia, moving), Havana (north Cuba, moving), Istanbul (north Turkey, anchored). Suggest your preferred locations!
  • Group moves continuously with speed 15 knots, position reset every ~60 minutes (30 if real time sync enabled)
  • Highly detailed carrier model, low poly cruisers
  • Usable lifts (switches in Carrier Controls panel) with possibility to taxi into hangar
  • Usable jet blast deflectors (switches in Carrier Controls panel)
  • Native arresting system (supports F/A-18 and any other aircraft with tailhook configured)
  • Quick pushback (no vehicle visualization, switch in Carrier Controls panel, use joystick to move or turn around)
  • Carrier smoke effect (optional, switch in Carrier Controls panel)
  • Cruisers swaying on waves (amplitude depends on wind strength, optional, switch in Carrier Controls panel)
  • EXPERIMENTAL group respawn for multiplayer compatibility (when live weather and real time active, it will appear in same position for other players; optional, switch in Carrier Controls panel)
  • Toggleable lights (dim, spotlights, runway/helipads)
  • Each spotlight direction can be changed manually (Carrier Controls panel)
  • Basic arresting simulation for planes without tailhook (Carrier Controls panel)


Ka-10M “HAT” helicopter & Kuznetsov carrier group package price tag is about $6

MSFS marketplace – PC and XBOX v1.x (Ka-10M with custom flight model, v2 update should be released in late December)

SimMarketPC only v2.x (Ka-10M with native flight model + Kuznetsov carrier group)

Planned improvements

  • landable Kuznecov aircraft carrier (Nov 2022)
  • Native flight model (Nov 2022)
  • Failures and voice assistance (English, Russian and Chinese languages) (Jan 2022)
  • Landable and controllable cargo truck (SimUpdate12)


  • Project management and aircraft configuration - thealx (TouchingCloud)
  • Modelling - Mykrode (GOT Friends)
  • Texturing - 270inc (GOT Friends)
  • MIsc modelling and texturing - Cyrus Smith (TouchingCloud)
  • Flight model fixes and carrier scenery creation - SpacerPlay
  • Map layout - CaptnJackBilbo


  • Kuznetsov carrier & Su-34 3D models - 3d_molier International
  • Kirov Battle Cruiser 3D model - Seismic3D
  • Ka-32 3D model - lazarev21
  • Su-33 3D model - Charlie2000

Ka-10M Specifications

General characteristics

  • Crew: one
  • Length: 3.70 m (12 ft 1.75 in) (fuselage length)
  • Height: 2.5 m (8 ft 2.5 in)
  • Empty weight: 249 kg (548 lb)
  • Gross weight: 390 kg (860 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 × AI-4G , 40 kW (55 hp)
  • Fuel amount: 33 liters (8.7 gal)
  • Main rotor diameter: 2 × 6.12 m (20 ft 1 in)
  • Main rotor area: 2 × 58.8 m2 (633 sq ft)


  • Maximum speed: 160 km/h (100 mph, 90 kn)
  • Range: 200 km (124 mi, 100 nm)
  • Service ceiling: 2,500 m (8,200 ft)

Flight manual:



Aircraft carrier group & Carrier Controls panel manual:

v1.x Flight manual (SU10 version with custom flight model):

Documentary (ENG subs available):


Early preview by Brett Plays! Visuals are finished (reversed rudder pedals animation will be fixed), we are still working on flight model and instruments.


Hey everyone! So Ka-10M just get to the marketplace. A little bit faster that expected - we were skip developer XBOX tests as Microsoft quality team said it flies well, and I am downloading it on my XBOX right now same as all of you.

We have prepared new update with some fixes - flight model and visuals (most noticeable is blurred rotor blades), you can expect to have it next week.

This MSFS add-on is a special - it’s not an usual airplane, i.e. does not have wings but has propeller.
And it’s not common helicopter as does not use SimConnect or WASM, which makes it compatible with XBOX.
If you are not willing to participate in this crazy experiment - please wait for official helicopters support in SimUpdate11. Flight model of this little beast will be updated, and also failures added with landable built-in aircraft carrier group.

Meanwhile, we are finishing several video tutorials, they will be available on weekends.


Ka-10M v1.2 XBOX bugs found:

  1. unwanted water wakes and spray effect, even on far water surface

Feel free to leave your feedback below! Especially I have interest in customers that left 1 start rate - was it about your expectations, or this add-on completely broken for you?

Thank god you picked up the visual issues and it’s not just me. Weird ghosting, crazy spray shroud like special effect for me to. The pilot kinda shouldn’t be there, it doesn’t feel like the camera is truly connected to them, trying to look down and your vision is partially obstructed by them in a bad way by being inside them. I fly with a gamepad and it’s definitely not feeling like I can control it so well. Maybe a control pad mode which has some tweaks to help could benefit. The rudder is so stiff, feels I can’t really turn. I think I need a tutorial lol. The modelling is visually stunning so well done there.

P.S. It wasn’t me who left a 1 Star Rating, just in-case you get the wrong idea :grin:

Wanted to get and like this, on Xbox but that put me right off!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Cockpit pilot is toggleable just in case you don’t know, just click on the bottom of the seat like usual switch.

Controls are stiff indeed, partially because of artificial axis delays (for better airplane controls experience). I will provide best joystick axis settings example after I’ll reach some acceptable result.

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I like it. My only real complaint is that the engine gives off a high frequency whine but I don’t know if that’s per the real thing or not.

I flew it in the SU11 beta and everything works fine.

Will be interested to see where this project goes.


Some suggested controls, sensitivities, hints and tips etc. would go a long way for sure. It doesn’t help that I’m not really a helicopter guy but I got fairly competent back in the GTA IV days when the physics engines were awesome and perhaps a little exaggerated lol. I’m glad to hear you’re intending on improving things in time.

@Chudamaru would you care to share some tips?

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Cool test flight by Zm4rc0


I’m not a huge helicopter guy but my biggest tip is to land slowly and carefully. VRS is a son of a gun.

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Are you flying using proper controls or a gamepad?

How easy is it to control this vehicle, compared to airplanes?

Is it anything like the Volocopter?

I used my HOTAS for it since it’s a simpler helicopter than more modern ones and doesn’t have a separate throttle and collective. It defaults pretty well with the cyclic to my flight stick and the collective to my throttle axis.

Generally speaking choppers are a lot more difficult to fly than aeroplanes. Modern ones do have a lot of stability and autopilot systems to make them more manageable but as this is a 40s chopper I would imagine it’d be quite a handful.

I’m gonna buy it this evening and check it out. Looks pretty cool and will be interesting to see how it handles with the built in physics.

Such a fun helicopter! Defs an easy recommend and at the price, it’s a steal. I’m just using my regular flight controls and it flies fine (well, as fine as anything piloted by me can be XD)

The pilot view is actually pretty cool; i initially thought i’d just turn it off, but i actually ended up opting to keep it on. It could use a little tweaking, just 'cause sometimes the mic or other head-parts clip a bit into view, but it’s nothing too distracting (and you can chose no pilot if it’s not to your liking)

As @Chudamaru noted, there is a bit of a whine to the engine, but that might be accurate to the real thing shrugs

Can’t wait to see how this progresses and hope to see more Soviet aircraft in the future! Here are a couple random screenshots from my first flight (taken in Yekaterinburg, Russia):


Small tutorial about controls - that’s how it was tested during development, so you will get right experience by following these steps.

  1. Disable PILOTING assistances in related section of options (these will be disabled in next update automatically, until native helicopters support).
    Reason - helicopter flies differently compare to airplane so attempts of AI to help makes it worse.

  2. For gamepad users (most XBOX owners) Increase REACTIVITY value of left stick (both axes to max). You can create new preset “KA10” to switch between them easily anytime.
    Reason - reactivity makes aileron and elevator react smoothly on your actions, but chopper require quick controls as it does not have any kind of stabilization helpers.

  3. Disable AI helpers.
    Same reason - airplane helpers wont help flying experience much. They will be available again after official helicopters support is added.

  4. Control stick trim
    Even if original helicopter does not have trimming, you still can use it in MSFS.
    For XBOX gamepad: after you transit from hovering into cruise flight, hold RB and RIGHT STICK FORWARD. At some point you will be able to release LEFT STICK into neutral position and continue the flight with forward velocity.


Interesting fact - about 15 pcs of Ka-10M was made in 50’s for soviet NAVY but after that no supplies was requested. Not much documents left from these times, but rumours says they were too hard to fly, especially in a bad weather conditions in the middle of the ocean.

5 years later, more stable and reliable Ka-15 became main NAVY helicopter


Honest preview by HeliSimmer

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Bought it and had a couple of quick flights and it was pretty fun. Not the most realistic helicopter physics but for a ‘half native’ flight model it’s pretty impressive what’s been done and I look forward to future improvements. I got the visual effects bugs mentioned up thread, they’re pretty bad over water so I hope that can be fixed. Speaking of water I landed on a random lake and applied just enough collective to basically become a hovercraft and zipped around the lake which was fun. Default cockpit camera view seems a bit on the low side, if you enable the pilot model in the cockpit and look around you’re basically staring out of the dude’s neck lol. Can raise it yourself though.

Looks pretty decent although the way the rotors spin looks kinda annoying. You can disable them though if they get too annoying. When you’re sitting on the ground with the engine off and the rotors stationary you can see them moving around with your control inputs and the animation looks pretty good. Sounds are a bit on the whiny side. It’s quite slow so not one for the speedsters. Really good for low and slow sightseeing though. All-in-all not bad for a fiver.