[V2B2 RELEASED] Fenix High-Fidelity A320

As long as the engine has this amount of details + maintenance latches to open, everything will be allright:

(Sorry could not find someone programing a CFM56 or IAE, this F110 musst suffice in the meantime :smiley: )
Ehm by the way would it too much to ask to get a holographic menu implemented of all pressures temperatures rpm-values of the compressor stages and more like in the HotStart Challenger while the maintenance latches are opened? Because that would be my ideal conception of doing an airplane walkaround :wink:

By the way I think I remember some interesting detail… this F110 is not so wrong, a few months ago I think I have read that the F100 or F110 was further developed into the CFM-series by modifying the first compressor stage and adding an airliner bypass N1 airstream. Not sure if it was the F110 but it was definately some military jet engine that lead to the first CFM designs.