[V2B2 RELEASED] Fenix High-Fidelity A320

Depending on the aircraft configuration… if the aircraft is equipped with FLS just press the LS and approach and set GA altitude when F/GS*
If equipped with FINAL APP just don’t press LS.
Summary of different possibilities: Approach for Pilots


That’s a great resource! Thanks for posting it.

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Hello! Had a question on flying visual approaches! Prior to BATC I stayed in the safety net of ILS landing (I know not realistic) as I felt comfortable with them and in recent months dabbled into RNAV approaches and have been successful (or least I think). I want to follow actual procedures as close as I can and wanted to get some clarification on “capturing the localizer” for visual approaches in the fenix.

Essentially I will get advised to turn (for example) right heading 170 and intercept the localizer for visual approach runway 28R.

What is the sequence procedure/ when to, as far as engaging which autopilot pilot button (LOC, APRR, ect) assuming I have everything else programmed correctly.

I successfully captured this once and the plane, once on the Localizer, began turning onto final like expected but then it pitched up and tried climbing rapidly (not sure if I needed to be managed altitude mode at that point or selected or what configuration I should be in).

Can anyone share like a step by step sequence to flow through for capturing the Localizer.

I have dug around on YouTube but everything just comes up with RNAV and ILS approaches. More specifically related with when ATC vectors you for a visual approach.

Appreciate any help!!

Two unrelated questions - do the spoilers auto retract upon landing? I arm them prior to every landing. Some landings, when I pull off the runway, they are still extended, others they are retracted. Also, with all the automation in the Bus, why do I have to manually turn off the nose gear landing light once it retracts after takeoff? There is really no auto function that figures out the gear is retracted and turns the landing light off? Just a (very) minor gripe.

I’m still learning the fine details of flying the A320 but the only question I have is what altitude was set when the jet starting climbing? By the time you have captured the LOC, I believe you should be starting to dial in the decision height. I also always assumed that if you are at that stage of a visual approach, you are hand flying the jet as well.

The Ground Spoiler logic is as follows: 1)If you arm the spoilers before landing(as you should per the landing checklist) as soon as the airplane senses that it is on the ground with a wheel speed above 72kts groundspeed, and 2) if you forget to arm the spoilers, as soon as you select reverse thrust, with wheel speed above 72kts the ground spoilers will deploy. In the latter case if you stow the reversers the spoilers retract. As for the nose gear landing light, it DOES automatically turn off when you select the gear up, regardless of actual switch position.


As for the altitude, when you fly an ILS approach, as soon as you get *G/S on the FMA you should set the Missed Approach Altitude. In a non-precision approach when you get FINAL APP or F-G/S that is when you set the missed approach altitude. You never put decision height on the FCU


I was landing in Boston (Rwy 27) If I recall correctly it was like last set at like 5000 and and I don’t recall exactly what altitude I was at but I know I had begun descending under it and as I crossed the localized with the APRR button on the plane grabbed it and began making the final right turn onto final approach all get and looked good (didn’t really know what I was doing) then all of a sudden the nose began pitching up and and engines accelerated trying to climb up and then auto pilot disconnected. This all happened before the plane even made its full right turn onto final…

That sounds like low speed protection activated. If you get too slow, especially if you are turning, Alpha Prot, which is the amber and black tape above the red and black tape, may cause Alpha Floor to activate which gives you TOGA thrust regardless of thrust lever position. This will make your nose to pitch up. Make sure you are maintaining adequate speed margins when maneuvering.


Thank you!! Totally could of been a little too slow which would explain the toga thrust initiated and pitch up… so with that, and assuming the FMC is set up correctly for the approach, is engaging the APRR button prior to turning on the heading to intercept the localizer expectable?

Thank you! I’m (obviously) still learning. For a non-precision approach, do you still need to engage “LS” or that only for ILS?

Guys, does Fenix has a proper U2U forum for users to get help like what PMDG has for their products ?
Had a look at their website but no forum there.

Their support is in their discord server

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Ok thanks. Let me ask here anyway:
Apparently a few months ago the Fenix had a bug which is that the Retard callout wouldn’t go off (with a possible workaround that works for certain people to go into external view then back to the cockpit).

Was this bug fixed ?

More generally, for those using this airplane, could you list out the things that you don’t like vs FBW/InBuilds versions ? If anything.

I am considering buying it.

I have never experienced this, so can’t say whether it is fixed.

Definitely buy it, it is far superior to the other two aircraft you mention, especially the inibuilds version. It is a totally different level. And good value, especially as you will then be able to get the 319/321 expansion.


Experienced this bug before a recent update and can confirm it has been resolved and is no longer an issue.


same here. the pmdg 737 is pretty good and the fenix a320 is ok for most airports. just purchased the 146 as i’ve heard so much good about it, and i was stunned. i checked the taskbar to make sure i hadn’t switched to powerpoint. worst performance of any aircraft in sim for me.

for me, it comes down to your pc. what is your performance like and would you be ok with a little degradation? outside of that, i can’t recommend it enough. it’s a magnificent aircraft. the fbw is a great add on but the fenix does everything better.