VA - NRT Air (XBOX Friendly, ACARS for PC, Manual PIREP for Xbox)

Northern Reliable Transport – There with Care.

Who Are We in the Virtual Space?

NRT Virtual Airlines is a member of Northern Reliable Transport Virtual Logistics (a.k.a. NRT Virtual). We are a cross-platform and integrated virtual logistics company tying multiple platforms together to move virtual cargo from point to point. We are multi simulator friendly, and Xbox Friendly as well! (Manual PIREPs required for now).

What does integrated logistics look like in the virtual space?

Imagine you have a pallet of freshly rendered beverages in Portland, OR. And someone really wants to enjoy those beverages in Brussels, Belgium. NRT Virtual has the means to Dispatch a driver to pick up that pallet of beverages in American Truck Simulator, haul it to one of our Air Freight Depots, where it gets loaded on a cargo plane in MSFS/XP11/FSX/P3D. From there one of our NRT Air Pilots flies the beverages to the next sorting facility, and so on until the pallet touches down in Frankfort, Germany. Finally, a European Driver is dispatched from Frankfort to deliver the delicious beverages to their final pickup facility in Belgium.

What we want to develop in the future as we grow is the ability for anyone either inside or outside the organization to generate shipments for our team, as well as a tracking number where they can watch their cargo move from point to point. This has quite a way to go and we need more drivers and pilots to reach this goal. But it is in development now.

Who Are We in Real Life

We, as a community, are a group of like-minded Sim Gamers, who want to experience simulated logistics in a new, exciting, and engaging way. While most simulator games have a very rudimentary or non-existent “Career” mode (such as X-Plane 11, Flight Simulator 2020, or the SCS Trucking Series), NRT Virtual aims to give a purpose to your simulator experience.

We also reward the hard work of our pilots and drivers with monthly challenges that hold real, tangible, or fungible, prizes. Things like Gift Cards, DLC, and more.


  • Pilots
    • Aged 13+ for basic membership.
    • Suggested Basic Knowledge of VATSIM or IVAO (Xbox folk excluded)
    • Comfortable with Installing ACARS systems, or willing to learn.
    • Actively flying at least once per 30 days.
    • Willing to leave Politics and Bad Attitudes at the door when “on the clock” with us.
    • Working Microphone.
    • Legitimate copy of the simulator you are using.


If you think we’d be a good fit for you, come join our discord today at Be sure to let us know when you get there what you’re interested in doing!


Hey, im interested in joining but I see in the requirements that we need ivao or vatsim knowledge but im from xbox and we can’t use that.

That’s fine! Vatsim/IVAO knowledge is a plus but not required for the XBOX folk!

I’m on PC but would actually be interested in the Xbox friendly non-vatsim option. Often life gets in the way and flying later in the evening makes use of microphone less possible.

Come along! You can do PC without vatsim. We just say to have a basic knowledge just in case, but we don’t require it to be used.