Valve Index vs G2 Performance

Because of the latest OXR Dev Tools released lately, I tried the G2 again for a few flights yesterday. I’ll keep it short but I can push more render pixels with the Index and SteamVR 1.16.7 than with the G2 and the latest OXR.

NB: I’m not talking about the G2 view resolution vs Index (post-processing size) but the actual render size (how many individually rendered pixels out of the FS2020 rendering engine and shaders). This is true both with motion smoothing and without. To put this in perspective, I can run as smoothly with the Index at 2Kx2K render than with the G2 at 1.5Kx1.5K when using motion smoothing (ball park figures) and this is due in part to the capability to lowering the Index render to 24fps → 120Hz vs the G2 to 30fps → 90Hz

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Interesting - so it’s a sort of “reprojection” on the Index letting you run it as low as 24fps?

That might be part of the performance difference - 24fps vs. 30fps.

Not a sort, it is motion smoothing I can run as low as 20fps → 120Hz, and 24fps → 144Hz, and even as low as 12fps → 80hz

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Oh now that is nice.

So in my index with motion smoothing on it is silky smooth I must say. Still not as clear as my G2 though but that still may be my settings possibly? I tried motion smoothing, 24fps lock > 120 with 150% render res in steamvr and it was unusably choppy and wobbly. Knock the render back to 100% in steam vr and its super smooth, the only drawback is the artifacting I was getting flying through clouds or if I banked wings quickly. Now - if I kept my head a bit slower it was a pretty nice experience. My main complaints about the index seemed to be: 1) the shadow flicker on the atitude indicated (didnt see this in non steam guage planes) 2) I seemed to be missing windshield effects? I’d have to shift my head at a certain angle to see them when they work flawlessly in WMR with the G2 3) radios and overall image wasn’t as sharp as the G2. I could probably look past #3 but missing the windshield effects and the flickering is extremely distracting.

Side note - I also tried raising the fs2020 resolution but that seemed to have no difference in quality for a pretty large performance cost.

Oh - and first time I noticed this the baron seems to allow precipitation intermittently tntly inside the cockpit lol.

It depends on your hardware of course, but on my test system, I have very smooth and overall good experience with TAA100+SS124+120Hz+24fps+25ms (don’t forget this one, prediction, it is night and day for the artefacts). However with the A320 I must lower TAA scaling or disable motion smoothing.

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Ahhhh - I havent messed with the prediction! i’ll have to mess with that some more now. My machine should be able to keep up - I have a 2080ti paired with a 10700k OC’d to 5g all cores and 64 gb ram. Storage is a 2tb nvme.

Quick question - and I’ll reread your initial post on the other thread since I may have missed it. Just want to make sure I got this right, the TAA100 is the FS2020 resolution with TAA - the SS124 is the steam vr super sampling - the 120hz + 24fps is the 120hz refresh locked at 24, with a 25ms prediction? Just want to make sure I’m following in the right places. Im actually doing a test flight (back in the G2) with the TBM through some impressive weather over florida at the moment and I’m pretty happy. If I can get the smoothness I saw in the index matched with the legibility of the G1000/G3000 units that I see on the G2 AND minus at least half the artifacting I saw, I’d be beyond ecstatic. Gonna have to play around a bit now…

Yes you are correct for the TAA+SS+xxx !

This is for my Index on my test system though, not for the G2!

Yep - I’m only looking at the index at the moment. Im pretty happy with where the G2 is at. Haven’t messed with motion reproj on the G2 however. Also - didnt realize these changes made take on the fly (except the resolution it seems). Using the prediction didn’t seem to make any difference in regards to artifacts for me. Im at 120hz though, gonna try different versions of the settings to see.

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Did you render a verdict on which headset you think is best? I try to keep up on most of these posts, and I’m guessing it’s the Index, but always interested to see your take.

You’re tough with me! :grinning:

It can’t help finding the Index better, always, even if in the end the resolution is less good that the G2 center disk of clarity.

Since I’ve created the topic about my G2 optics findings, and with the feedback the topic has seen, I came to the conclusion my G2 (but not just mine) is probably wrongly calibrated. However thanks to the undocumented registry keys, and more importantly the helping WMR developers who told me about these (can’t say the same about the HP lead engineer behind the G2 offering to help publicly but never answering privately, just for PR purposes maybe?) I can mitigate for now the problem while waiting for the facemask mod I’ve ordered ( HP Reverb G2 Gasket | Etsy ).

I’ve tried the G2 again a few days ago and this was not bad at all, but it is hard to put words on how the “experience” just feels right with the Index, and not with the G2 despite the visuals, and the latest SteamVR beta is really leaps and bounds better than 2 months ago.

Somehow I wish I only had one so that I wouldn’t have to even think about choosing one, and I do hope the G2 + mask will make a difference. You can rest assured I’ll comment on the face mask once I receive it.

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My biggest issue I’m trying to figure out on my Index is if the blurriness just me or is it just the way it is for VR. I understand stand some blurs but how much is really acceptable as norm.

I would love to know if anyone can sit in a TBM on runway at night and without leaning forward look at the ITT and read it with clarity.

I’ve adjusted everything and i kinda get a sweet spot but feels so tiny and still can’t read that ITT number.

Also deal with a good amount of a ring glare in the TBM at night.

Just wish someone around me had a Index and Covid wasn’t around then I’d ask to compare just to eliminate a possible issue with my headset lenses.

So I may have found the magic ticket, at least in terms of the index and my setup. So setting the index to 90hz and using Locking 18fps with 22.22 prediction - I have minimal artifacts/wobbling. In fact, I had to fly the TBM like it was a fighter jet to increase the chances of seeing artifacts. Mainly the prop has minor artifacts depending on speed and the edges of the wings if you’re doing extreme and rapid bank angle changes. Now to play with the G2 and see what I can do with that…

Side note - I ordered I think it was the odyssey gasket, and my FOV is just about where my index is. Its just as comfortable as wel.

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With TAA100+SS124, when seated so that I put the TBM logo on the yoke at the bottom of the view (eyes looking down) and put each doors vent/grooves to the edges like this:

Just taken a few minutes ago at Telluride

My head is oriented toward the ITT gauge (about) and I can read it right at the limit of legibility.

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I just tried the TBM over Telluride TAA100 SS124 90hz 22.5fps 22.2ms and this was really good indeed. I was more on 120Hz for a few weeks but this is not bad at all and only 4:1 frame motion smoothing.

Nice! So far my only complaint is when I increase the SS, I don’t actually notice a difference. On the main page I have a 150% which seems to be my default, and then on the game specific I had it at 100%, but raising to 124 or max high or low it doesn’t seem to make any visual or frame related effects. Very weird.

@GenTVDinner ,
Do you switch in and out of VR (CTRL+TAB) when you make a change - or if you don’t notice anything, do you try restarting SteamVR? I would hope the latter is not necessary but at least you might try it once with a big change in SteamVR->Video->ApplicationSupersampling. I never know for sure what it will take for the app to see the setting. For example, any NvidiaCPL settings must be set before MSFS2020 is started (and it may have no effect anyway depending on the setting!).

I wonder if those of us with a Quest2 using Virtual Desktop and SteamVR can take advantage of any of these new SteamVR settings? My two HMDs are my trusty Reverb G1V2 and the Q2 on a 9700K@4.8Ghz+RTX2070 (nonSS but oclocked a little). So many settings and so little time!

So I’ve tried it with making the changes on the fly, backing out of VR and then back in, but I’ve never restarted steam VR or MSFS. I’m going to hold off on additional testing until the new patch today as I fear they’ll be enough changes that the tweaking game will have to (I hope not) start from scratch.

Roger - over and out for now! (Give me that vector, Victor…)

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I have a Valve Index and a HP Reverb G2 and fly in X-Plane and MSFS and also stream on Twitch in VR.

On X-Plane I can use my G2 and my Index controllers and have very few issues.

When I try that on MSFS it just becomes a stuttery mess and instead use my Index because it is much smoother.

I am running a i7 9700K with a RTX 2080 Ti with 32G of ram. I do find it interesting how different the two sims behave and wonder if in time MSFS will get better performance so what I am trying to do will be possible.