Vanishing destination airports and object limit

I know this topic has been reviewed earlier and dates back to September when an object limit was introduced by Asobo for a reason.

But this morning again, I made a flight with the FBW A320 using AIG from ESSA (stock scenery) to EDDF (modified stock scenery) and landed on an empty airport (no buildings) and tarmac (no AI planes).

As I indicated above, I understand this object limit was introduce for a reason, but unfortunately, we have no way to know whether we hit the limit when we start a flight and thus have no idea whether our flight will be completed normally with our destination airport.

So my request to the developer is to find a way for us to know - when we start a flight - whether or not our destination will be there when we land. Or give us the opportunity/choice to remove this limit if our PC can take it (it is my case).

In this morning example, I had very little AI traffic at ESSA (perhaps less than 10 airplanes on the tarmac, no moving traffic at all, frequency was dead silent, no shipping traffic selected in Addon Linker, GSX used ONLY for pushback (no passenger boarding, no bagage loading), at EDDF, only the mod available was selected, and the tarmac was indeed there, but all buildings were gone. So how with so few options selected could I beat the object limit?!

I believe this item was given little to no priority because few users experience that problem given the airports they use, GSX used or not, AI traffic used or not, etc, etc, so it is not a hot topic, but it is utterly frustrating to land and discover that our destination airport is not loaded!!! May i please seek some attention regarding this issue as users are left with gambling rather than rational attitudes. Thank you.