Varjo Aero and VIVE

I have replaced my Oculus Quest with the Aero and am pretty happy with the change. However I just can’t get my second hand VIVE controllers to be recognised in MSFS e.g. no tabs for them in the Controls screen and not visible in the cockpit or main menu. They work in other games, are recognised by Steam VR and can also be seen in the Aero ‘Cabin space’. I am using a single Vive base station 1.0. I have OpenXR enabled in the Varjo Base but have disabled OpenVR.
The Quest controllers were recognised when I last used the Oculus.
Does anyone have any bright ideas on this? It isn’t really a big issue for me as the VR side works fine but I would like the controllers to work if possible. Thanks.

for me it is not working either…

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